Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Dates: 3 - 15 July
Place: Campamento la Casilla de Guisando 
Youth Exchange in the La Cassila Camp in Guisando with the participation of Albanian, Turkish, Morrocan and Spanish youth. 
Aim: Foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries and develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people as well promote young people’s active citizenship.
WORKING TOPIC: Citizen Participation
ORGANISE: Asociación Jóvenes Solidarios
FINANCED by the European Programme Youth in Action
Information: o TEL. +34 686701350

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Welcome to the project "Your Participation = Our Future"! We are very happy you will join us on this international adventure of Treasure Hunt. During 9 months you will share your creativity, your experiences and knowledge together. We hope you will also have fun and will make new friends over the world.
Are you ready? So get started! Please click on CULTURAL DIVERSITY and you will find your first tast to be fullfilled. Every 3 weeks there will be a new one to be realized. You can work them one by one or work on several at the same time. IMPORTANT!!!. Every outcome of yours has to be published on the blog, so we can share them between all of us.

Good luck!!!

Bienvenidos al proyecto "Your Participation = Our Future"! Estamos muy contentos con vuestra participación en esta Internacional Búsqueda de Tesoro. Durante 9 meses compartiremos vuestra creatividad, experiencia y conocimiento. Esperamos que al mismo tiempo os lo vaís a pasar muy bien y que encontreís a nuevos amigos de todo el mundo.
¿Estaís listos? !Entonces empezamos! Pincha en CULTURAL DIVERSITY y encontrareís la primera actividad a realizar. Cada dos semanas publicaremos una nueva. Podeís trbajar una por una o en varias a la vez. !!!IMPORTANTE!!! Cada trabajo final tiene que publicarse en el blog. De esta manera todos conoceromos todos los trabajos.

!!!Mucha suerte!!!

Please notice, there is a page of POSITIVE NEWS on our blog. As the national and international TV News are always very negative, we wanted to create a place of Positive News. There a lot of them but maybe we don´t want them to see. So, every good thing that happends in your group, school, village, nearest city, etc. you can publish it on our POSITIVE NEWS site.

Hemos añadido una pagina de noticias positivas POSITIVE NEWS  en nuestro blog. Como las noticias nacionales e internacionales suelen centrarse en noticias negativas, queremos contrastar esto con nuestra página de Noticias Positivas. Hay muchas en nuestro alrededor pero parece que no las vemos o quizas no las queremos ver. Os invitamos a compartir con nosotros todas las cosas positivas que suceden en vuestro alrededor, en la escuela, en el grupo juvenil, en vuestras familias, en vuestra localidad, etc.

The third activity of Cultural Diversity is already published! Click on Cultural Diversity to find it.