In this last activity we will work the sustainable develpment. Everything we, the human beings are doing does influence our environment and most of the time it´s causing a lot of damage. We invite you to wacht the video above, to talk about it within your group. What do you think about it? Do you see some solutions to the way of living we are used to? Do you thing we are responsable for the health of our planet? Why?

In the next meeting your leaders will prepare a game for you. The aim is to play it with all your group. Onced finished talk about how did you feel while palying? What did you discover? What did you learn? Do you see an alternative for the problems you had to face during the game?

We have played the game several weeks ago, but we needed more time to gather the pictures. We did it individually. It was suprizing to see how your life depends on the disision one makes and above all the social context of your environment. Just few of us reached an acceptable liefe level, the rest, after making a big journey did return to their start point. Descouraging, we must say!!!


Place : Antalya Anatolian High School

Time : 10 May, 2012 

We gathered as project group in EU project room. We watched the sustainable development video all together. And the youngsters in the group were interested and excited much while watching. After watching the video we talked about how we could make the world better to live. Now it is the short description what we discussed :

1- We talked about what sustainability means. We learned that sustainability means; environmental challenges when designing a comfortable and artificial environment to leave a livable world for future generations.

2- We discussed that we are responsible for the distruction of the sustainable development of the world. The reasons are;

The lack of education about how to use our environment
To use chemicals and heavy metals a lot
Destruction of trees
Eating much more than we need

3- Here are the solutions thet we suggest:

a) Education about environmental consciousness at home and at school
b) To reduce using chemicals and heavy metals
c) Planting more and keeping the forest and environment. And education about recycling
d) We should eat and drink healthy food and drinks. We shouldn't eat junk-food and drink fizzy drinks. Everybody should consume whatever they need.


The Palestinian Group played the game on Sunday 20 May 2012

and here are the feedbacks:

Adventure Game
The Palestinian group played it on 20 May 2012 Sunday. And the feedback was as the following:
      The participants like the game and found it very interesting as they lived the actions of the game.
      it was not easy to take decisions, but I took their decisions as part of their family in the game, and if they have the situation in real life they would take different decision.
      I was looking for the end and searching until reach it to know what will happen.
      I connected this story with our reality in Palestine. Hence all decision I took in the game were based on my thinking of the real life we have in Palestine.
      I imagined the story is here in my hometown, so I tried to take the suitable decision that will be good in this country.
      I shared taking decision with my partners
      It was nice experience and near to our reality.
      It was big difference between my opinion and my partner’s opinion, we tried to convince each other in order to take the right decision.
      We like the game, our decision was almost the same as partners, so we didn’t find any problems in the that and we connect the actions of the game with our reality
      We thought about the loyalty to my hometown
      We compared between the situation inside our country and the situation if we go abroad ti migrate and find better job
      It was fun J
      We would like to adapt it into the Palestinian content